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18 March 2011 @ 04:27 pm
I love spring and energy and Patrick Wolf, but I want to settle. I want to know.  
So, I still don't really know what's happening in my own life.

1. Leo got one job offer and will likely turn it down. They cannot offer him anything to complete with his current position, the location is total crap, and they aren't even offering me a measly part time gig. Seriously. Bagh! It annoys me probably in ways not justifiable by logic. We're lucky not to need this job. Technically negotiations are still going on. I doubt anything will come of it.

2. I cannot tell if the lady I like is really seriously crazy busy, or just not interested. I cannot tell, and usually I am reasonably good at that sort of things. She expressed some concerns, after I brought up the issue, at the end of our second date about the potential for Leo and me to leave town. Totally reasonable. Then she has tech problems, I go out of town, and am super busy when I get back. In any case. I have no idea.

3. Leo does campus interview at pretty good school in mega fabulous town starting next Thursday. I guess this sort of means that we could hear back from them as early as the 28th. It will probably not be so soon, but anything is possible.

4. My own academic work. I am beginning to get comments on the diss draft from ye olde advisor, but I just feel like this whole process is running on a treadmill. Will I ever graduate? Does it even matter?