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22 February 2011 @ 11:11 am
Random post-dated catching up  
I only just realized that the absence between August and today leaves this poor journal a bit under-appreciated and behind the times. So, the important bits in bullet points.

-Leo and I participate even more in the local kink scene. *two thumbs up* I actually help make things happen now.

-We got to know lots and lots of people but haven't wanted to date/play with/etc with most of them. Sometimes they are attractive, even VERY attractive, but unless the smarts are there I am simply not interested.

-I chose not to date a certain tiny 20 year old even though we are good friends. She needs a mentor and not a Mrs. Robinson. I do not need the responsibility of dating someone who I'd constantly be telling not to skip class. Seriously.

-The Craiglist ad came to naught.

-Life is very full and wonderful. I'd still love to meet a brilliantly fabulous lady, but I'm happy as is. That is a good thing.