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23 February 2011 @ 01:09 am
Happy post!  
So, Leo and I went on an outing with a new friend tonight. It was super fun and I get the feeling that there is some good chemistry there and interest despite the fact that she is newly and monogamously dating a boy. No pressure from my end, but I still got some date-y vibes. Hrm. On the plus side, she's not ridiculously young(23) or irresponsible*. Friends are good and dates are good, so I'm not going to worry about anything. Hurrah!

More definitely, I will be going out on a date tomorrow in the early evening. Dinner with a cool lady who I admire and want to get to know better. She is a touch older than I am (4 years) and has two children. She lives not exactly in town, but comes to my area very regularly for social and professional reasons. Thinking of these factors in the abstract would totally eliminate someone from the OKC dating pool. Meeting and getting to know someone cool with a different life than mine feels very different and positive. I don't know what will happen; she's already very committed to a relationship with some elements of D/s. On the plus side, we have tons in common. *optimism*

*The last two women to show real interest in me were 20 and 21. Eeek! I am not old, but I am not into that kind of imbalance. Please only try to date me after you've gotten your BA or figured out somethings about life and yourself.
Current Mood: fabulous