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01 August 2010 @ 03:52 pm
Siouxsie and the thunderstorm  
-Had a good talk with Mohawk. We are going to be good friends, but acknowledge the potential/continuing attraction. She wants to meet someone who doesn't already have a committed primary partner. Very reasonable.

-Leo didn't succeed with the lady. She's back with her ex, monogamously but still wants to be friends. I'm sure we'll be friendly, but she lives a good bit away so I doubt we can actually become that close without the kind of effort that it is difficult to muster out of this situation.  A wee bit sad about this.

-In an optimistic mood, Leo and I put up a very honest Craigslist ad talking about how we really would like to meet someone to date together even though we're fine dating separately and don't have any expectations that it would or could be an insta-triad. So far, one couple has replied and we've been bombarded with spam. My expectations were high, but now I know just how unpopular unicorn hunters are, even when they are nice and honest.

-Summer is good, but I fear when things get busy.