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23 July 2010 @ 08:36 am
July happens so fast  
-So, I think Mohawk maybe moving on rather quickly and efficiently without talking with me about it. Honestly, I don't mind that much since I'm discovering that we aren't that compatible, but I do love communication. Hopefully we can talk on Sunday.

-Leo had a very enjoyable interlude with a woman the other day, and hopes to develop a relationship with her. It seems now that she may have been a bit selective in the information she gave him and may be getting back together with a monogamous partner very soon and leave poor Leo in the dust. The scenario sounded so promising at first, but now I'm feeling a bit suspicious and concerned.

-A fellow from the local kink scene asked me out. I don't know how I feel about this. He's of the rare once-every-year-or-two males that I'm attracted to, but I still have no urge to do many things men expect when they are with women. Maybe my attraction to him is more for kink activities and less related to vanilla sexual expression. Maybe we should talk about this, or maybe I should just steer clear and keep my brand of complication out of his life.

-Leo and I are doing really really well. We love summers together and really enjoy having time for each other. I could use some more demonstrations that he physically desires me, but sometimes I don't want that, so I cannot blame him for not being particularly demonstrative.

-The urge for displays of physical desire maybe vanity right now. I gained a good bit of muscle and lost five pounds recently and look better than I have in more than a year. It makes me a bit of a meat head. Right now I just want to enjoy my sexiness, work out, and have fun.